Mini Par4 table

Small table with four reversible tops

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Mini Par4


Coffee table with solid wood structure and four reversible tops. Top sides can be supplied both laminated or one laminated and the other veneered. Tops can be customized with the range of Sculptures Jeux finishes.

Dimensions: 52.5 x 52.5 cm, height 40 cm.

The different variants and designs of the frame can be found in the MiniPar4 finishes file and the prices in the Mini Par4-price-list (in German). For an individual compilation of laminates and wood there is an overview in the file Laminate-lacquer-wood.

In the product page of the manufacturer you can look at the offered basic versions. Alternatively, put together the colors as you like. For it go to “Details” and then “Basic Composition” or “Personalise”.


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