IQ-System sideboard

Individually composable sideboards and lowboards

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IQ-System consists completely of solid wood, without metal and is easy to assemble. Available in beech heartwood, beech, maple, brushed wild oak, oak, cherry, wild walnut or walnut. The surface is oiled and waxed.
A special detail of the shelving system are the outer sides. This is because the wood grain runs from side to side, from bottom to top, giving a one-piece view.

The IQ-System is available in 3 different depths:
in 25 cm depth for book shelves or hanging shelves (IQ 25),
in 40 cm depth for floor-standing shelves, low or high boards (IQ 40),
in 45 cm depth for room divider (IQ45).

The components consist of base, middle and upper shelves in the widths: 40 cm, 77.5 cm, 115 cm, 152.5 cm, 190 cm, 227.5 cm and the outer and middle sides in the heights 16 cm, 24 cm, 35 cm. In addition, there are back panels, sliding doors in various colours (HPL / coloured laminate panels) and drawers in various widths and heights.

All data and all prices you can find in the data sheet (in German).

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