NT-Box 41

Solid wood bed container with 2 drawers

manufacturer: Zack-Design

NT Box 1 M Nachttisch

NT Box  41 Nightstand


Version with two drawers: Beech, beech heartwood, oak, cherry, sapwood or solid walnut.

Dimensions: W 40 x H 41 x D 43 cm


Prices, natural or stained (in Euro
Wood Types beech beech heartwood oak cherry sapwood walnut walnut
natural oiled 548 548 685 822 859 904
Surcharge for colour group I 60 60
Surcharge for colour group II 120 120


Colours of colour group II: white, cognac, graphite grey

Skid feet made of brushed aluminium (instead wood) 98 €


Types of wood:


White oak, oak, sapwood, walnut, cherry, beech heartwood, beech



black, graphite, wenge, nut, nut light, maroon, rosewood, wild, cherry, cognac, cherry light, white

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