Vida – bedside table

Round bedsite table in beech, oak, cherry or walnut

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Made of beech, beech heartwood, oak, cherry and walnut solid with drawer and storage compartment

Surface standard: natural, oiled and waxed

Measures: height 55 cm, diameter: 35 cm

Prices: 496 €  in beech, 505 € in beech heartwood / 567 € in oak / 654 € in cherry / 749 € in walnut
Beech coloured stained and clear lacquered: plus 60 € / in the colours white, cherry light and cognac 120 €



Types of wood:


White oak, oak, sapwood, walnut, cherry, beech heartwood, beech



black, graphite, wenge, nut, nut light, maroon, rosewood, wild, cherry, cognac, cherry light, white

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