A mattress made of pure natural fibers: pure new wool and horsehair

manufacturer: boyboks matratzen

Biopur-moll aus Rosshaar und Wolle

Horsehair and pure new wool


A mattress made of pure natural fibers for lovers and connoisseurs who know that the natural fibers solidify with time. Therefore, it makes sense to turn the mattress often and to swap the head side with the foot side in order to make the process of solidification as uniform as possible.

Sandwich structure
From top to bottom: 3 pure new wool fleeces, 2 horsehair fleeces,  3 pure new wool fleeces , 2 horsehair fleeces, 3 pure new wool fleeces. Another fleece of pure new wool is for mid-zone reinforcement (not shown). All in all: 4,5 kg per square meters pure new wool and 2 kg per square meters horsehair.
All mattress materials are checked for harmful substances.  The pure new wool comes from controlled biological animal husbandry.

 organic cotton cover ticking (kbA)

Height of the mattress: approx. 14 cm.


Prices Biopur-moll  
Width 90 cm 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 180 cm 200 cm
Euro 684 744 835 948 1058 1169 1330


The prices are for 200 cm length. Special length: 210 cm plus 10%, 220 cm plus 20%.

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