Lyra / Lyra plus

Natural latex mattresses with and without pure new wool

manufacturer: boyboks matratzen


Mattress Lyra plus


Lyra is a cuddly mattress. The elasticity is very direct, the surface cuddly with a smooth cool grip. Lyra plus impart more firmness, due to the additional layers of pure new wool. The elasticity is muted and offers a feel-good climate as lovers of natural mattress appreciate it.

Structure Lyra
Latex core in 14 cm thickness, 5 hardness zones, natural latex optional soft, medium and firm. The latex core is covered with a cotton tights for protection against abrasion.
The outer cover is a quilted cover made of Lyocell fiber * filled with Lyocell-cotton-mix. The cover is removable and washable up to 60 °.
Mattress height: approx. 15 cm

Structure Lyra plus
Lyra plus has the same core as Lyra. The latex core is wrapped with pure new wool, optional with organic cotton, fixed with a cover of cotton nettle. The removable quilted outer cover is identical to the cover of the mattress Lyra.
Mattress height: approx. 17 cm

The Lyra topper contains a soft natural latex core (thickness 4 cm) in quilted cover with Lyocell
Height of the topper: approx. 5 cm.

Tencel-knitting* fabric, filling: Tencel-cotton 50/50, under fabric: cotton jersey.

* Lyocell or Tencel are fibers made of cellulose. Tencel fibers are soft and absorb moisture very well. They hardly wrinkle and can be washed and cleaned well.


Prices in Euro
Model / Width 80/90 cm 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 180 cm 200 cm
Lyra soft 672 710 982 1090 1238 1398 1531
Lyra medium
Lyra firm 722 760 1032 1140 1298 1462 1603
Lyra plus
Lyra plus soft 744 786 1087 1200 1365 1537 1692
Lyra plus medium
Lyra plus firm 795 856 1138 1251 1427 1602 1764
Lyra Topper 272 282 342 388 414 510 536


The prices are for 200 cm length. Special length: 210 cm plus 10%, 220 cm plus 20%.

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