Highly elastic and full of tension

manufacturer: boyboks matratzen


Lying characteristics: Sportiva is a highly elastic mattress with a hard core. The mattress’s taut elasticity invites you to play with fine weight shifts and enjoy the dynamics and flexibility of your own body in this play of pressure and counterpressure. The advantages of this mattress can best be experienced on a bed frame that does not (strongly) spring. Sportiva also has a softer and firmer side.

Structure Sportiva: New pure new wool (kbT), 6 cm natural latex soft, 3 cm latexed coconut fibres, 6 cm natural medium latex, pure new wool (kbT), stitched inner cover made of cotton nettle (not shown). Total height: approx. 16 cm

All mattress materials are checked for harmful substances. The latex core of the mattress consists of pure natural latex in its polymer content.

Cover fabric: Removable elastic quilted cover made of Lyocell*, quilted with a mixture of Lyocell and cotton (washable up to 60°). All mattress materials are checked for harmful substances. The polymer content of the latex core is made of pure natural rubber.

*Lyocell is made of wood fibers.


Prices Sportiva  
Breite 90 cm 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 180 cm 200 cm
Euro 876 956 1111 1243 1394 1586 1800


The prices refer to 200 cm length. Excess lengths: 210 cm plus 10 %, 220 cm plus 20 %

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