Panelsystems and sliding doors

Semitransparent room elements with laminated Japanese paper

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Sliding panels and rollo shades from traditional Japanese paper culture

Made by Wood & Washi. The Japanese paper is laminated on both sides paper-thin and lightfast, to enable a robust everyday use. The panels and blinds are not only suitable for the window areas, but also as design elements for the play with light and shadow in the room. All systems are individually made to measure.

Washi is the name for Japanese paper from the mulberry tree. In this paper, natural materials such as hemp fibers or bark filings are processed. This gives the individual designs their different structures.

Sliding panel curtains (Panel Shades) and roller blinds (Rollo Shades) use laminated washi. The mulberry paper is coated on both sides with a 0.2 mm thin plastic film. This film makes the Washi strong and water repellent. That is, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Laminated Washi can also be used in damp rooms, it is heat resistant up to about 65 ° C, flame retardant and lightfast. Laminated Washi comes in a variety of designs and colors (Colur Washis).

Panel Shades
With panel shades, the struts made of wood or aluminum (25 or 10 mm wide) are always clamped on both sides.
The panel shades are divided by the struts into areas. The distance between the struts is a maximum of 88 cm.

Laminated Washi panel shades are available in widths up to 245 cm. For panel shades from Color Washi, the maximum width is 185 cm.

The slide system is available in the colors aluminum and white. The maximum length is 600 cm. The rails have two to five channels. The attachment of the Panel Shades is carried out by means of Velcro fastener on the carriages mounted in the rails. The panel curtains can be operated manually, with a cord or electrically.

Panel-sliding doors 
Panel-Sliding Doors are available as laminated Washi Extra Strong (LWX series). The panel-sliding doors are subdivided by struts into areas. Up to three surfaces are possible.
In this type, the two-sided stretched struts made of wood or aluminum are up to 180 cm wide. Up to a width of 90 cm, the maximum height is 450 cm. From 90 cm to 244 cm wide, the maximum height is 270 cm.

Rollo Shades
The roller blinds are also available in the qualities laminated Washi and Color Washi. The 10 mm wide struts are available in wood or aluminum. The wooden struts are always mounted on both sides of Rollo Shades, the aluminum struts, however, because of weight reasons only on one side.

The roller shades shades are subdivided also by struts into surfaces. The standard distance between the struts is 27 cm. But larger intervals are possible, the maximum is 88 cm. For windows of unequal height, the blinds shade can be made so that the struts are the same height.
The roller shades can be combined with different designs and shades, just like the panel shades.

Rollo Shades made of laminated Washi are available in a width up to 248.8 cm, including system. With Rollo Shades from Color Washi the maximum width including system is 188.8 cm. The maximum height is 400 cm for both variants.
The roller blind system is supplied with aluminum supports and aluminum chain. The roller blinds can be operated with the chain or electrically.

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