Sofa bed with rotating seat and full value mattress

manufacturer: Franz Fertig "Die Collection"

Aida mit Wendepolster

Aida in sofa position


Function: The sofa has a padded seat on the top and a mattress base on the bottom. By turning the seat around the longitudinal axis, the bottom side comes up and the sofa is transformed into a bed. The bed linen can remain on the mattress when turning to the sofa position.
The underframe as frame construction made of beech wood, the plate materials also made of wooden materials. Bed box and feet are black lacquered or coated.
Branded polyether with fleece cover. Loose mattress made of polyether, covered with ticking. Seat springing made of straps. Sprung base of the lying surface made of springwood slats.

Seat width / total width: 200 / 224 cm
Seat depth / total depth: 54 / 90 cm
Seat height / total height: 48 / 90 cm
Armrest width / height: 12 / 64 cm
Back width / height: 3 / 64 cm
Lying height: 46 cm
Lying surface: 80 x 200 cm

Data-sheet of the manufacturer  (PDF file in German)


Abstract from the price list

Price Aida incl. back cushions, 2 additional cushion, blanket and pillow (without cover)
from 3568 Euro (Offer prices for covers from the fabric class E)

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