Two-seater with swivel seats

manufacturer: Franz Fertig - Die Collection

Miro als Sofa

Miro – Two-seater


Sofa with 2 rotating elements that can be turned from the longitudinal position (sofa position) to the relax and lying position..

Width: 228 cm
Depth: 107 cm
Height: 84 cm
Width armrest: 30 cm, height armrest: 70 cm
Seat height: 38 cm
Seat width: 168 cm, seat depth: 55 cm (with cushions)
Sleeping surface: (2 x) 84 x 200 cm
Sleeping height: 38 cm

Data sheet of the manufacturer  (PDF file in German)


Excerpt from the price list Miro
Prices incl. 2 back cushions und 2 lumbar pillows (in Euro)
sofa bed
back cushions
lumbar pillows
Offer prices with covers from fabric group E 2985 128 76
Prices with covers from other fabrics classes on request


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