Upholstered suite

manufacturer: Franz Fertig - Die Collection

Twinset in blau



Frame construction made of beech wood and panel materials made of wood materials available in various base frame variants.

Branded polyether with fleece cover to protect the underside of the cover material. Seat springing made of Bonell spring core with felt cover.

Corner group: The armrest integrated in the seat and the backrest can be folded. The movable seat element can be swivelled towards the fixed seat element. To complete the lying surface, the fixed element is pulled forward and the back is folded backwards.
Single couch: The armrest integrated in the seat can be folded. Optional: foldable backrest.


Dimensions Twinset group
Tatal width: 245 cm
Seat width: 2 x 140 cm
Overall depth: 170
Seat depth: 55 cm
Seat height: 43 cm, lying height: 43 cm
Toatal height: 89 cm
Backrest height: 60 cm
Armrest width: 20 cm, armrest height: 78 cm
Lying width 150 (2 x 75 cm), lying length: 200 cm


Dimensions Twinset single couch
Overall width: 140 cm, seat width: 140 cm
Overall depth: 75 cm, seat depth: 75 cm
Seat height: 43 cm, height sleeping platform: 43 cm
Overall height: 78 cm
Width armrest: 20 cm, height armrest: 78 cm
Width sleeping platform: 75 cm, length sleeping platform: 200 cm


Excerpt from the price list Twinset. Prices in single components (in Euro)
Elements Single couch with
hinged armrest
back section
Offer prices with covers
from the fabric class E
1048 448 119 105
Prices with covers from other fabrics classes on request.


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