Angel bed

Bed with high headboard

manufacturer: Luna

bed at seaside

bed Angel


Finish: solid beech, beech heartwood, ash, maple, oak, cherry and walnut
Outer dimensions: bed length plus 18 cm
Bed width: mattress size plus 12 cm at headboard, plus 7 cm at footboard
Frame height: 45 cm
Height at headboard: 90 cm
Bed side height: 18 cm
Insertion depth for slatted frames: 18 cm (crossbars)


Prices in Euro at 200 cm length:
Bed width in cm
Beech / Beech heartwood
Ash / Maple
Oak / Knotty oak.
European cherry
European walnut
Surcharges for excess length 210 cm: plus 5%, 220 cm: plus 7%


Surcharge for aluminium feet heels: 210,-
Legs special height per 5 cm: plus 5 %,
Bed side enlargement downwards per 5 cm: plus 10 %
Special colour stain: 300,-


Luna wood lacquer / colour stain sample card


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