Riga / Riga XL sofa bed

Two-seater with swivel seats

manufacturer: Franz Fertig - Die Collection


Wooden legs made of beech wood, stained or lacquered or legs made of polished chrome-plated metal. High-gloss chrome-plated runners at extra charge.

Branded polyether with fleece cover.

The armrests integrated in the seat can be adjusted gradually. The upper third of the backrest can be folded forward via joints in the upholstery to shorten the seat depth. The back rests can be folded back separately from one another via gas springs. The two seat elements can be swivelled separately by 90 °.

Width: 200 cm
Depth: 105 cm (sofa without sleep function) 115 cm (sofa with sleep function)
Height at the back: 85 cm
Seat width: 164 cm
Sofa depth: 53 cm
Seat height: 41 cm
Lying height: 41 cm
Lying area: 90 x 254 cm (sofa without sleep function) 180 200 cm (sofa with sleep function)

Data sheet of the manufacturer (PDF file in German)


Excerpt from the price list Riga / Riga-XL (in Euro)
VersionRiga without
sleep function
Riga with
sleep function
Prices with covers
from the fabric class E
from 3809,-from 4118,-
Prices with covers from other fabrics classes on request.


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