Tojo Lieg bed

Bed system consisting of multiplex modules

manufacturer: Tojo


Modular bed system. The single bed is laterally expandable. Select bed width, mount several foot sections together and attach slats. “Lieg” is designed so that the mattress overlaps a little.
Material: beech multiplex, untreated

Module size: 20 x 200 cm, width: 80 cm until mass camp, height 27 cm
Nightstand: 40 x 34 cm, h 27 cm

* Bed “Lieg” is not suitable for all mattresses due to the relatively large distance between the slats.


Price per modul: 119,- Euro
Number of modules
Bed width
93 cm113cm133 cm153 cm173 cm193 cm
Width of matrass
100 cm120 cm140 cm160 cm180 cm200 cm
Prices (Euro)


Night stand: 139,-

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