Esani bed

manufacturer: Traumwerk


Solid wood frame: beech, beech heartwood, oak, cherry or walnut
Surface treatment: oiled and waxed or coloured stained and clear lacquered
Bed (with or without backrest) made of solid wood with continuous glued lamellae, concealed construction parts made of beech

Bed length inside = nominal length plus 1 cm | length outer side = nominal length plus 11 cm with headbord+ 18cm
Bed width inside = nominal length plus 1 cm | width outer side = nominal length plus 11 cm,
Bed heigth: 25 cm
Width bedside frame: 15 cm
Insert depth for slatted frames: 12 or 15 cm with aluminum angle profiles

Additional charges for colored surfaces
Bed frame colored stained and clear lacquered color class I:  plus 140,- / color class II: plus 280,- (color group II are the stains cognac, graphite gray and white).


Prices Esani (Euro) without backrest and night stand at 200 cm length
Types of wood / Bed widthBeechBeech heartwoodOakCherryWalnut
90/100 x 20012971427187323752610
120 x 20013461480189824872734
140 x 20013781526203625992858
160 x 20014351578212127102984
180 x 20014821631219028223108
200 x 20015331686227429413233
Surcharges special length
210 / 220 cm165165165198198



Prices backrest standard (moulded veneer board, natural oiled and waxed, only the top veneer is in the specified wood type)
Types of wood / Bed widthBeechBeech heartwoodOakCherryWalnut
90/100 cm449465537555576
120 cm463480553566588
140 cm476493570583605
160 cm497515595602624
180 cm511530615626650
200 cm526545632649674
Surcharge colour stain
color class 16060
color class 2120120


Nightbox 25
dimensions: height 25 x width 59 x  depth 40 cm with one drawer

Prices Nightbox 25 (Euro)

Wood typesBeech
beech heartwood
OakCherry Walnut
Nightbox 25515642769816


Surcharge colored stained class I:  plus 60,- / class II: plus 120,-


Types of wood:

oak, walnut, cherry, beech heartwood, beech


Colour stains: black-graphite-wenge-nut-maroon-rosewood-wild-cherry-cognac-cherry light-white

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