Jannu bed

Slim bed with stainless steel feet

manufacturer: Sira

Jannnu Kirschbaum

Jannu in cherry wood


Solid wood bed with integrated backrest and stainless steel feet
Wood types: beech, beech heartwood, oak, ash, cherry, Swiss stone pine wood or walnut.
Surface: oiled and waxed, stained or lacquered.

Outer dimension: nominal width plus 6 cm, nominal length plus 6 cm
Bed height: 40 cm, height at backrest: 85 cm
Insert depth for slatted base: variabel to 15,5 cm with side support profiles


Abstract from the price list in Euro at 200 cm length
Types of wood / Bed width in cm
100120140160180200special length
210 / 220
Beech, Beech heartwood
121012801340140014701530+ 90
Oak, Ash, Cherry, Swiss stone pine
190020602230240025702730+ 105



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