Modular system bed M1


Solid wood bed as modular system. You can choose from 8 types of wood, 28 stains, varnishes or oils, 4 frame formats, 4 different foot types and 7 different backrests.

Outer dimensions: length = nominal length plus 8 cm, width gleich nominal width plus 6 cm
Bed height: 40 cm, height at backrest 85 cm
Width bedside frame: 18 cm
Inlay depth for slatted frames : 18 cm (with transverse braces)


Abstract from the price list M 1 in Euro (without backrest)
Frame glued solid wood (30- 90 x 8 cm pieces) with rectangular metal feet, chrome plated
Types of wood /
Bed width
120 cm140 cm160 cm180 cm200 cm
Beech, Beech heartwood, MDF lacquered
Ash, Maple
Oak, Knotty oak11311167121312841365
European cherry12801319136914511541
European walnut15721623168517871896
Surcharge for special length 210 cm plus 7%, 220 cm plus 10%


Frame variants,  price as surcharge on the respective base price
R-1 straight frame in solid woodstandard
R-2 straight frame in solid wood with interlocked corner connection+129,-
R-3 on the top rounded solid wood frame+39,-
R-4 on the top rounded frame with interlocked corner connection+156,-


Foot variants / price as surcharge on the respective base price
F-1 with rectangular metal feet, chrome-plated (optional matt chrome finish: + 45 € or wooden: + 84 €)standard
F-2 with round metal feet, chrome finish / matt+100,- / +45,-
F-3 with metal skids, polished / matt+360,- / +45,-
F-4 with wooden base (aluminum base + 84,-)+360,-


Backrest variants / price as surcharge on the respective base price
L-1 straight backrest made of solid wood+30 %
L-3 angled backrest made of solid wood+40 %
L-5 straight backrest with vertical rungs+50 %
L-6 straight backrest with horizontal rungs+50 %


Luna wood lacquer / colour stain sample card


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