Z5 bed

Pedestal bed

manufacturer: Zack-Design


Solid wood pedestal bed made of: beech, core beech, oak, cherry, Walnut Sap wood and walnut
Wood surface: oiled and waxed or coloured stained and clear lacquered

Backrest insertable
Bed height: 39 cm (optional higher pedestal between 1 – 11 cm)

Bed length: inner dimension = nominal dimension + 2 cm, outer dimension = nominal dimension  + 7 cm (without bracket)
Bed width: inside dimension = nominal dimension, outer dimension = nominal dimension + 5 cm

Width bedside frame: 18 cm
Inlay depth for slatted frames: 18 cm with metal transverse profiles

Bracket: depth at the head end 15 cm (optional 16 – 35 cm), depth side tables 54 cm
Width bracket with side table: 36 cm each side, optional 50 cm

Storage box in the bed base on wheels always in beech:  width 118 cm (inside), height 10,8 cm (inside), depth each box 69 cm (bed width 180 cm or 200 cm), otherwise 49 cm


Prices Z5 in Euro (without backrest and with closed base frames)
Dimensions / Types of woodBeechCore beechOakCherryWalnut
Sap wood
90/100 x 20096710881205182218751973
120 x 200107311941290197920372144
140 x 200111212331446205321132224
160 x 200117212931512211121722287
180 x 200129414151642224323082430
200 x 200142015431770237524442573
Surcharge for special length
210 / 220 cm165165165198198198


Additional charges for colored surfaces
Bed frame coloured stained and clear lacquered color class I:  plus 140,- / color class II: plus 280,- (color group II are the stains cognac, graphite gray and white).

1 bed box for bed widths 90 -120 cm, left or right: 395,-
2 bed boxes for bed widths 140 -200 cm, left and right: 795,-
(box inside always beech wood)

Prices bracket Z5 (Euro)
BeechCore beechOakCherryWalnut
Sap wood
incl. 1 table Z5
for bed widths 90-120
incl. 1 table Z5
for bed widths 140-200
incl. 2 table Z5
for bed widths 140 -200


Prices backrest Form A |moulded laminated wood, oiled and waxed (only the top layer is the specified type of wood)
height 47 cm above the bed frame, thickness ca. 16 mm
Dimensions /
Types of wood
90/100 cm449537555555
120 cm463553566566
140 cm476570583583
160 cm497595602602
180 cm511615626626
200 cm526632649649
Surcharge colour stain
colour class I6060
colour class II120120


Types of wood:

oak, walnut, cherry, beech heartwood, beech

hoelzer-traumwerkColour stains: black-graphite-wenge-nut-maroon-rosewood-wild-cherry-cognac-cherry light-white

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