Feldenkrais mats

Pads for Feldenkrais exercises


Feldenkrais mat


Feldenkrais mats should provide a good contact with the ground to allow a clear perception of the body. The mats should also protect against cold and dampen the hardness of the soil. In addition, they must be very flat, so that the transition between mat and floor is not bothersome.

The Feldenkrais mat has a thin core coconut mat (0.5 cm) vulcanized with natural latex , wrapped with pure new wool (450 g/sq. m)

The materials are checked for harmful substances. The pure new wool comes from controlled biological animal husbandry.

Cover: natural cotton twill or uni-colored cotton twill in the colors black, dark red ore blue. The covers are removable and washable.


Prices Feldenkrais mats (Euro)
Dimensions80 x 200 cm90 x 200 cm100 x 200 cm120 x 200 cm140 x 200 cm
Cotton fabric cover147,-155,-162,-184,-194,-


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