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Bed and sofa bed exhibition

Organic mattresses, solid wood beds and of course sofa bed
For over 33 years we have been the contact for natural sleeping furniture and natural mattresses in Frankfurt am Main. You will find beautiful beds made of solid wood, organic mattresses and selected sofa beds.

Design and organic quality harmoniously combined in a solid wood bed

Organic standards and up-to-date design. The beds are made of valuable natural wood and impress with their beautiful shapes and excellent workmanship. All beds have a natural, i.e. oiled and waxed surface and can always be completely disassembled.
You can buy our beds not only in different types of wood, but also in (almost) all widths, in excess lengths, in low and high designs.
The sofa beds presented by us convince above all by impressive functionality with not less good processing.
And our organic mattresses are a sensual experience. When you try them out, you can learn to feel (new), it is not only about hard or soft, but also about different kinds of elasticity. We get our mattresses from very close by, namely from  boyboks naturmatratzen, Oberursel.

Sofa bed – an optimal combination of sofa and bed

At first glance, you don’t see the double sofa bed, you only see a beautiful sofa, which then turns into a bed to the surprise of the visitors. The transformation from a sofa bed to a bed is done in a few easy steps. The transformation techniques of the sofa beds are very different, but the result is always the same: a well upholstered surface.

Bed house in Frankfurt with experienced consultants

The team of bios affair has been working in the bed business for 35 years and has profound and versatile experience. With the furniture the emphasis is on solid natural wood beds and on good sofa beds, with “healthy sleep” on high-quality natural mattresses, natural latex mattresses and futons.

Reliability and commitment

A small team, dedicated and personal. We know our solid wood beds and the matching slatted frames exactly and we do not sell a mattress, a sofa bed or a futon on which we have not lain extensively ourselves.