Nature mattresses, Latex mattresses and Futons

All Nature mattresses, Latex mattresses and Futons are in our exhibition for testing – if this is not enough:

Test your mattress or futon at home before you buy!


Nature mattresses, Latex mattresses and Futons

The nature mattresses are manufactures from high quality natural fibres with a core from natural latex. The “climate belt” from pure new wool and horsehair ensures the absorption of humidity.

All materials used are regularly tested to be free of polluttants. More information about the production and the materials of the mattresses you will find on the website of our partner boyboks matratzen under Konzeption.

Our mattress manufacture allows all kinds of special sizes of the products. The delivery time of Nature mattresses, Latex mattresses and Futons is between 10 and 14 days.

Due our long experience we can guarantee a superior quality. In our store in Frankfurt you get all information, an we will also help you if you are not satisfied with the chosen mattress.


Futons and Futon mattresses

The term originates, as commonly known, from Japan and define the traditionell japanese sleeping mat, filled with cotton, which is placed on the floor for sleeping on a Tatami. During the day the futon kept folded in a wall closet.

The traditional Japanese futons are rather thin (about 8 cm), so that you have floor contact lying on it. That is why the Japanese often use several futons on top of each other. As  the cotton in the futon gets compressed the futon has always been a relatively hard mattress.

In Europe the foton came into fashion in the eighties. But not from Japan, but from the USA and England in a modified western style. Although filled with cotton, they were much thicker than the originals from Japan. But for longer use they were still too hard for many people.

An a reaction the futon were soon filled with  latex or horsehair layers, and the futon developed to “futon mattress” or “nature mattress”.

We took a different path and left the futon’s appearance and comfort quality close to the Japanese original. But we changed the layout. By using a thin latex layer coated by horsehair and pur new wool we developed the “futon Japanese style” which assures good lying qualities over a long period.


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