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Tatami as a stylish living element

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Tatami the Japanese rice straw mats are used in the traditional Japanese house as flooring (which is not walked on with shoes). At night the futon (in Japan this is a thin cotton mattress) is spread out on the tatami mats to serve as a sleeping place. Tatami mats consist of a firmly bound rice straw core on which a rush mat of Igusa grass lies, fixed by cotton ribbons sewn on at the side.

The standard version weights about 20 kg in the size of 90 x 200 x 4.5 cm.
Tatami mats in the high quality version are only one centimeter thicker, but have 50 % more weight due to the firmer pressing of the straw core. The weight is 30 kg with the dimensions 90 x 200 x 5.5 cm.

Tatami are also suitable for inlay in bed frames (tatami beds) or in frames (tatami frames) that lie directly on the floor.

In ancient Japan there were two dominant measures of tatami mats: the Kyoto measure and the Tokyo measure. However, both dimensions differ only slightly from the size 90 x 180 cm. By the two to one proportion (in connection with a half tatami of the size 90 x 90 cm) the tatami mats can be laid to beautiful patterns.

The imperial palaces, mansions, Zen monasteries and tea houses offer a rich testimony to this still lively culture of Japanese rice straw mats. Examples of the classic patterns according to which the tatami mats can be laid out can be found in the illustrations below.

Aging process
New tatamis have a green surface. As they get older, the colours of Japanese rice straw mats change to yellow-brownish shades. This aging process is positively evaluated in Japan (as far as the tatami mats do not show too strong signs of wear and tear), because it testifies to the life and history of the Tatamis.

Pollutant control and treatmen
Pollutant studies have shown that the exposure to insecticides and pesticides is far below the limit values, close to the detection limit, so that the tatami are to be classified as very low loaded. On the other hand, in order to ensure that no insects and egg deposits can be introduced from Asia with the mats, the tatami receive a heat treatment to kill all protein structures.


Prices for Tatami mats in Euro (Pick-up rates)
Types / dimensions
standard (4,5 cm height)
high quality (5,5 cm height)
60 x 200 cm
70 x 200 cm
80 x 200 cm
90 x 200 cm
100 x 200 cm
90 x 180 cm
90 x 90 cm



Surcharges for tatami overlengths over 200 cm: 10% per started 10 cm
Prices for cut-to-size parts on request.

In addition to the sizes listed, we also offer all intermediate sizes and other excess lengths for the high-quality tatami mats:
The maximum width of the Japanese rice straw mats is only 100 cm for technical reasons, but the length can be extended up to 590 cm (!). However, there is not only an additional charge, but also significantly higher transport costs. The delivery time for these tatamis also increases to 2-4 months. By the free choice of the size any rooms can be laid out exactly with Tatami mats, particularly since Tatamis can be delivered also cut-to-size and with cut-outs.


Tatami mats laying pattern


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