Metal free beds

In our store you can find metal free beds for a good start of the day. Metal distorbs the natural magnetic field of the earth. The sleep of sensitive people can be disturbed. In a metal free bed you can habe a good sleep. We offer numerous bed models with different headboard and footboard, with or without drawers.

Buy metal free bed at the expert

Normally the frame parts of our solid wood beds are connected with metallic components. These are relatively small compared to the size of the wooden bed and they are irrelevant for induced electro-magnetic fields or the magnetic field of the earth.
But there are other solutions: wooden connectors. These are more complex and can be realized only at particular bed models. This page shows different beds that are completely metal free.


There is a compromise between metal connectors and  wooden connections, made by the carpenter’s workshop. They use micro connectors made of aluminum, which are 99,9 % metal free and not ferromagnetic.
You want to buy a metal free bed? Please contact us if you have questions. We will be glad to help you.



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