The advantages of natural mattresses


Why we offer natural mattresses

1. natural mattresses bring fresh air under the duvet

Oxygen-rich air in the bed cavity promotes the breathing of the skin and its purification processes and prevents overacidification of the blood. The conversion processes of the organism from the day to the night phase are not hindered. These include a reduction in body temperature, heart and respiratory rate and altered metabolism.

2. they can absorb water vapour and have a climate-regulating effect

The pure new wool of natural mattresses can absorb large quantities of moisture (hygroscopic property), which is released by the body in the form of vapour. This keeps the relative air humidity low. The body does not sweat as quickly and the organism is less strained. Low oxygen levels in combination with high humidity, on the other hand, provide ideal growth conditions for skin fungi.

3. they have almost inexhaustible biological self-cleaning powers

The reason for this are the thick layers of virgin sheep’s wool directly under the mattress cover. The incomparably strong bonding forces of virgin sheep’s wool can bind and neutralise as well acidic as basic liquids. Therefore, the mattress remains hygienic for a long time, even if sweat and occasionally other liquids penetrate into the mattress.

4. natural mattresses are environmentally friendly

The materials of the mattresses come predominantly from renewable raw materials and can therefore also be disposed of or recycled in a natural way.

5. natural mattresses contain only pollutant-controlled materials

Therefore, there are no chemical vapours and no skin contact with toxic substances.

6. they are handcrafted with care

Every natural mattress is handmade. The material components are individually examined and carefully matched to one another during the construction of the natural mattresses. Natural fluctuations are balanced and adapted so that every natural mattress is unique in its quality.



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