According to Feng Shui: Bed in the bedroom should be a wooden bed

Clear Englebert, an American Feng Shui consultant (“Bedroom Feng Shui” Reinbek 2003), recommends using a wooden bed in the bedroom, because wood is more “yin” than e.g. metal and therefore more conducive to peace. The head section should be continuous and solid, because bars, slats or other interrupted head sections represent an open relationship. Under no circumstances, however, should the headboard have acute angles or jagged edges, because these are too “fiery” and “active”. A solid, massive and closed wooden headboard should strengthen the self-confidence and symbolizes a solid unity of the partner relationship.

Other Feng Shui consultants like Norbert Drews write that you should not use spring mattresses, because the metal spirals can turn energies into the body from below.

Clear Englebert also finds it difficult to start a new relationship on an old mattress. For some people it is even important in this case to say goodbye to the whole bed.

Feng Shui: Bed should not stand under the window in the bedroom

Since we are occasionally asked in our shop about the Feng Shui suitability of beds and mattresses and also generally about Feng Shui in the bedroom, we have looked through various publications on this question. With regard to the arrangement of the bed in the bedroom, we found agreement among the Feng Shui consultants on the following points:

  • According to Feng Shui the bed should not stand under the window.
  • The bed should not face the bedroom door with the headboard either.
  • The bed should stand with the headboard on a firm, closed wall and allow a view of the bedroom door.
  • There shouldn’t be anything heavy hanging over the bed.
  • Avoid placing the bed in the direct line between the door and the window, as this would result in an excessive flow of energy (Qi).
  • There should be no large mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed.
  • A mirror in the headboard of the bed can also be problematic according to Feng Shui.


Info Feng Shui

According to the wording Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is a philosophy that focuses on the harmony of life with the environment, on the natural flow of life energy Qi in the most diverse habitats. Feng Shui is an over a thousand years old, very complex philosophy that is closely interwoven with other Chinese traditions such as Taoism, Confucianism or Chinese medicine.

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