Rollo Shades

Japanese style roller blinds

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Rollo mit Japanpier

Rollosystem mit Washi

Rollo-Systeme in Japan-Art

Beispiel für die unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen


Rollo Shades

The roller shades are also made of laminated washi and in transparent woven paper and translucent fabrics (textures).

Like the panel shades, the roller shades are divided into areas by struts, made of aluminum and in various colors. For windows with unequal height, the Rollo Shades can be made so that the struts run at the same height.
As with panel shades, roller shades can be combined with various designs and colors. The roller shades are operated manually with a light aluminum chain or electrically.


All prices and further information can be found in the PDF file: Rollos Shades (in german)

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