Solid wooden beds

Solid wooden beds

A bed  made of solid wood –  we love it

Wy do we use solid wood? Because it is particular and esthetic, and has an individual character. A solid wood bed always shows an unique structure, for example the annual rings, depended on the cut.
Solid wood is not only an interesting material, but also shows a part of the history of the tree from which the wood comes. Depending of the cut wie can see how the tree grew, where it was stressed, where the branches grew, and when it had its god and bad years.

Metal free beds

The frame parts of solid wood beds are connected at the inside with fittings made of metal. As they are very small they can hardly be regarded as antennas or resonators for electromagnetic fields. But we offer several beds with wooden connectors. See page metal free beds.

Definition solid wood

The distinction solid wood for furniture is defined by the DIN 68871 specification. According to this a furniture can only be called solid wood if all parts except back wall and drawer bottom are made from a certain type of wood and are not veneered.
For the production of sold wood furniture only boards of grain wood and of glued lamination or slats can be used.
Furniture made of veneered chipboards or medium density fiberboard or coreboards may not be marked “solid wood”, but may be misleadingly called  “Echtholz (genuine wood)”.

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