Ecological aspects

Schöne Betten bios affair

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Positions on the theme of “back and healthy lying”

Finding the right matress 
Thoughts on “anatomically correct” lying
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The advantages of natural mattresses
Why we offer “natural mattresses”
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Healthy lying – dynamic lying
Basic information on the subject of “Lying Healthy” – based on the Feldenkrais method
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Healthy sitting – dynamic sitting
Movement therapy considerations on the topic of “healthy sitting” or ergonomic sitting
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The human spine – a masterpiece of evolution
It is often claimed that the spine is not really suitable for the upright posture
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Pressure measurements in the intervertebral discs
Intervertebral discs do not require a straight spine to re-accumulate with fluid.
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Preventing the slipped disc
The level of tape disc pressure alone is not a criterion for the harmfulness of a load
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Alternative treatment methods
Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Pulsating Signal Therapy, Dorn Spine Therapy…
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Information about the conception of mattresses and the mattress materials can be found on the website of the mattress manufacturer boyboks under Öko-konzept.

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