Filipo bed

Solid wooden bed made by craftsmanship – metal free

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Metallfreies Masivholzbett


Filipo in Swiss stone pine


Solid wood bed made maple, beech, beech heartwood, oak, Swiss stone pine, cherry, elm, wild oak, wild nut or walnut
Surface treatment: oiled and waxend
Corner connection: metal free (exception Swiss stone pine wood)

Outer dimensions: nominal width plus 5,4 cm, length width plus 5,6 cm, length with backrest plus 12,7 cm
Bed height: 40 cm, height at head section: 82,5 cm
Inlay depth for slatted base: 16,5 cm

Surface with hard wax: plus 5 %
Surface with white oil: plus 5 %
Round-cut edges of the bed frame: R = 5 mm: plus 20 %

Special length 210 cm: plus 5 % / 220 cm: plus 10 %
Special height:up to + 5 cm  plus 5 %


Swiss stone pine wood – for connoisseurs 

The wood of the mountain Swiss stone pine has been valued in the Alps for centuries for its health effects and is often used for interior decoration to improve the indoor climate.
The wood ingredients and the essential oils of Swiss stone pines are supposed to reduce the heart rate, improve the physical regeneration and deepen the sleep according to the experience of the alpine dwellers
A study by the research company Joanneum Research (Institute for Noninvasive Diagnostics, Weiz) has confirmed the positive effects of Swiss stone pine wood on “circulation, sleep and vegetative regulation”.
Extracts of this study can be found on the website in the download area.

The prices for the bed can be found on the german page





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