Venja bed

Solid wooden bed in "country style"

Venja in Buche, kirschfarbig gebeizt

Bed Venja in beech, cherry stained


Solid wood bed frame: beech, beech heart wood, ash-tree, maple, oak, cherry and walnut.

Outer dimensions
Bed width: nominal width plus 14 cm
Bed length: nominal length plus 21 cm

Height bedside: 40 cm, height headboard: 90 cm
Width bedside frame: 20 cm
Inlay depth for slatted base: 20 cm


Prices at 200 cm length (Euro) 
Types of wood /
Bed width
100 cm120 cm140 cm160 cm180 cm200 cm
Beech, Beech heartwood, MDF lacquered
Ash, Maple
Oak, Knotty oak204321252205228623702452
European cherry230724022492258726792772
European walnut
American. walnut
Surcharges for excess length 210 cm: plus 5%, 220 cm: plus 7%


Surcharge for aluminum feet heels: + 240,-
Feet special height +5 cm:+5% +10cm : +10%
Special colour stain: + 300,-


Luna wood lacquer / colour stain sample card


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