Matis bed

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Solid wood bed frame made of beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, wild oak brushed, maple, cherry, nut, or wildnut
Wood surface: oiled and waxed
Special finish: white laquered or treated with white oil

Outer dimensions: nominal width plus 20 cm, nominal length plus 10 cm (without headboard) and 13 cm with headboard
Bed height: 30 cm, height head section: 58 cm, XL-Version 63 cm
Width bedside frame: 19 cm
Width wider than 160 cm with central support profile and additional support feet
Insert depth for slatted frames: 4, 7 cm, in XL-Version 4, 7, 10 cm

All data and prices of this bed you can find in the product sheet (in german).

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