Myako futon frame

Wooden frame for Tatami mats


Wooden frame for framing tatami mats.
Choice of wood: beech, heart beech, birch, stone pine, maple, ash, alder, cherry, walnut and oak

Surface oiled and waxed or painted for an extra charge in black and white, alternatively colored stained and clear lacquered.

Frame height: 5,5 cm
Frame width: nominal width plus 14 cm
Frame length: nominal length plus 14 cm


Prices frame without Tatami in Euro
Bed width
at 200 cm length
Beech, Birch,
beech heartwood
Maple, Alder,
Swiss stone pine, OakCherry,
140 cm552717772910
160 cm599778838988
180 cm6498439081070
200 cm6959039731146
210 cm74596810431229
Tray 30 x 40 cm169219236278


Surcharges special length: plus 130 €
Surface oiled and waxed, lacquered or colored stained: plus 150 €

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