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The mountain Swiss stone pine is a wonderful tree with healing effects, because the wood exudes a strong scent of essential oils.
An Austrian carpenter familiar to us does not talk about the smell of the wood, but says that he can taste the wood. And the longer one has to do with Zirbenholz, the better we can understand that. And so we have learned to taste a little in the meantime

The Zirbenholz bed – a bed for the soul

Zirbenholzbetten bei bios affair Frankfurt

Nachttisch Sixpack plus – with night stand Sixpack plus



Recently, the range of beds made of Swiss stone pine wood was still limited, but now most of our manufacturers offer Swiss stone pine wood as an option. So if you want to buy a Swiss stone pine bed, please have a look at our bed overview for the different types of wood we offer.
Here is a small selection of Swiss stone pine wood beds in the gallery. Unfortunately we do not have a larger selection of pictures available.Here is a small selection of Swiss pine wood beds:

Antheo soft     Filipo    Step-X     Theresa  (for details and prices klick the bed name)

We love solid wood, but the Swiss stone pine has a very special aura.

A bed of Swiss stone pine wood surrounds us with a wonderful scent that lets us breathe a sigh of relief.

For some time now there has been a great interest in Swiss stone pine furniture. Unfortunately, only a few beds made of Swiss stone pine wood are sold here in Frankfurt, because Swiss stone pine wood does not look any different from normal pine wood. The light pine wood with many branches cannot compete with the beauty and aesthetics of other woods such as cherry, oak or walnut. The values of Swiss stone pine are rather inner ones, which are only seen by lovers.

The Swiss stone pine is considered to be the “Queen of the Alps”, it grows only at altitudes above 1500 m and is considered to be the most frost-hardy conifer in the Alps. The aromatic resins and oils of the Swiss stone pine spread a feel-good climate.

According to studies by the Human Research Association (Institute for Health Technology and Research) in Weiz, the special ingredients of Swiss stone pine are said to lower the heart rate when sleeping in a Swiss stone pine environment. Zirbenbetten preserve thus the organism and can contribute to a recovery seed sleep.

In addition the Zirbenholz bed works against the weather sensitivity, harmonizes the cycle and increases altogether the well-being.


swiss stone pine

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Swiss stone pine


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