Pluggable shelving system

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Regalsystem, zusammensteckbar


Manufacturer: Sculpures Jeux | Design: Avio Calandrin

Put together the shelf according to your wishes!


Joint is a shelving system that can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. It consists of only two components: the slim columns and the shelf boards, which are simply joined together by means of the milled out grooves and give the shelf stability. The shelf boards as well as the columns have a wall thickness of 10 mm. The load capacity is 10 kg per shelf boards.

Height of the columns: 200 cm, width: 18 cm, depth: 28 cm. Combination examples for the shelf system can be found in the file Joint combinations. All shelf parts are available in 3 veneered versions and 21 matt lacquer colours. See the PDF-file colours

The prices can be found in the PDF files (in German): Prices joint

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