Modular cabinet system for many purposes

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Schrank mit lebhaften Farben

Cabinet system

Manufacturer: Sculptures Jeux | design Fernanda Brunoro

A wide range of cabinet system

Optional closet furniture: a closet, a sideboard, a container…. Mosaico is suitable for all living areas. Available in many combinations. Body and fronts can be combined individually. The surface is colored lacquered or natural wood veneer.

The cabinet is offered in widths 48 cm (single element), 110 cm and 140 cm. There are two different plinths, either with 3 cm or 44 cm height.
The height of the body is 140 cm, the total height of the furniture is either 154 cm or 184 cm.

All other information and prices can be found in the Mosaico net price list ((plus 19 % VAT) ) and here the the overview of the Laquers and Woods.

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