Natural slatted grate Tonus 2

Flat yielding slatted frame system

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special slatted frame system

Tonus 2 Detail


Naturally slatted grating made of wooden slats mounted on latex bolster (top and bottom).  The grating is flexible, but does not spring. There are no oscillations as with springwood slatted gratings. The wooden slats are fixed in the fabric pockets of the lateral latex cushions. By shifting the additional latex cushions in the head area, on the shoulder and in the back and seat area, the hardness is individually adjusted.

Material: natural latex, cotton and ash wood slats. The element, like all other slatted frames, is supported on the side support slats of the bed frame, from width 140 a central support is required.

Overall height: 9.5 cm



Width at 190 / 200 cm length8090100120140
Prices in Euro598598620840898


Surcharge for overlength 210 cm: plus 10%

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