Baumkante / bed tree edge

Rustic from whole pieces wild oak

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Bed Baumkante (wane)


Solid bed of wild oak
External dimensions: nominal bed size plus 22 cm in length and width
Bed frame height: 43 cm
Height headboard: 46 cm
Height side frame: 16.5 cm
Insert depth: 13 cm


Prices bed Baumkante without headboard (Euro)
Width in cm
Length 200 cm
wild oak, oiledwild oak
Bianco oiled
Special length 220 cm+ 178+189


Prices headboard Baumkante (Euro)
Design / dimensionswild oak, oiledwild oak
Bianco oiled
140 x ca. 45 cm300319
160 x ca. 45 cm327348
180 x  ca. 45 cm354375
200 x ca. 45 cm378400
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