Futon III mattress

Our most popular Japanese style futon: firm, elastic, good.

manufacturer: boyboks matratzen

Futon japanisch, aber etwas komfortabler

Futon III


Due to the stronger natural latex layer (in contrast to the Futon II), this futon can no longer be compared with the Japanese original. Futon III has a horsehair fleece on one side only and is a little firmer on this side.

The core consists of pure natural latex (6 cm) with a horsehair fleece (900g/sq. m) on one side, wrapped with lush fleeces of pure new wool (900g/sq. m).
All mattress materials are checked for harmful substances. The latex consists in its polymer content of 100 % pure natural latex. The pure new wool comes from controlled biological animal husbandry.

Organic cotton ticking cover. Colored twill covers for additional charge of 32 €.
Handloops on the sides at no extra charge.


Prices Futon III
Width90 cm100 cm120 cm140 cm160 cm180 cm200 cm


The prices are for 200 cm length. Special length: 210 cm plus 10%, 220 cm plus 20%.

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