Antheo soft bed

Swiss stone pine bed

manufacturer: Feldkircher

Antheo soft / Ausstellung

Antheo soft


Massive bed with a powerful frame, carefully crafted from the best Austrian Swiss stone pine wood. The love of craftsmanship can be clearly seen from the fine round-cut edges of the bed frame.

Solid wood
: Swiss stone pine

Surface treatment: raw and finaly ground

Outer dimensions: nominal length plus 8 cm, nominal width plus 8 cm
Bed height: 40 cm, at head section: 90 cm
Width bedside frame: 28 cm
Inlay depth for slatted base: 16,5 to 20,5 cm



Abstract from the price list in Euro


without headboardwith headboard
90 x 200 cm21822877
100 x 200 cm22712946
120 x 200 cm23603062
140 x 200 cm26313409
160 x 200 cm27943624
180 x 200 cm29283799
200 x 200 cm30693983


Special length 210 cm: plus 5 % at the price with headboard
Special length 220 cm: plus 10 % at the price with headboard
Special height up to + 5 cm: plus 5 % at the price with headboard

Price for night stand Sixpack plus: 811,-

Prices for stools Tröler plus
with short feet: 349,- / with long feet: 399,- / without feet: 299,-
Tröler Table: 717,-

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