Antonio bed

Solid wooden bed, metal free

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Solid wood bed made maple, beech, beech heartwood, oak, Swiss stone pine, cherry, elm, wild oak, wild nut or walnut
Surface treatment: oiled and waxend
Corner connection: metal free (exception Swiss stone pine wood)

Outer dimensions: nominal length plus 5,6 cm, nominal width plus 5,6 cm, with backrest plus 14 cm
Bed height: 40 cm, height at head section: 86 cm
Inlay depth for slatted base: 16,5 cm

Surface slightly brushed plus 10%
Surface with hard wax: plus 5 %
Surface with white oil: plus 5 %
Round-cut edges of the bed frame: R = 5 mm: plus 20 %

Special length 210 cm: plus 5 % / 220 cm: plus 10 %
Special height up to + 10 cm plus 5%

The prices for the bed can be found on the  German page




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