Room bed

The simplest, simply beautiful bed. Solid wood and aluminum frame

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Bett aus Alumium und Holz


Bed frame of solid wood with natural surface treatment of oil or matt lacquered according sample card. From a width of 160 or 140 cm supplied with a central brace and two supporting feet for the option of two slatted bed frames.
Bed foot: solid wood. Headboard: wooden frame with crossbar.

Types of wood: oak and american walnut

outer dimensions: nominal width plus 8 cm, nominal length plus 8 cm
height bedside: 40 cm, height with headboard: 66 cm
side frame height: 14 cm
inlay depth: 14 cm

Prices in Eurowithout headboard with headboard
Design / SitzesOak / AshWood colors 2American walnutOak / AshWood colors 2Amerikan walnut
090 x 200 cm300132413603329135553960
100 x 200 cm304232953652333636044014
120 x 200 cm308433303685338336544050
140 x 200 cm315334063773346037364149
160 x 200 cm335236203983366539584366
180 x 200 cm343537104109375740594506
200 x 200 cm351837994207385041584615

surcharge for excess length 210 / 220 cm: plus 393-

special color shading according to sample: plus 15 %

aluminum section painted als lacquer sample card: no surcharge

Higher headboard +10%

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