Room bed

The simplest, simply beautiful bed. Solid wood and aluminum frame

Bett aus Alumium und Holz



Bed frame of solid wood with natural surface treatment of oil or matt lacquered according sample card. From a width of 160 or 140 cm supplied with a central brace and two supporting feet for the option of two slatted bed frames.
Bed foot: solid wood. Headboard: wooden frame with crossbar.

Types of wood: oak and american walnut

outer dimensions: nominal width plus 8 cm, nominal length plus 8 cm
height bedside: 40 cm, height with headboard: 66 cm
side frame height: 14 cm
inlay depth: 14 cm


Prices bed Room (Euro)
sizewithout headboardwith headboard 
090 x 200 cm2387,-2762,-2630,-3048,-
100 x 200 cm2387,-2762,-2630,-3048,-
120 x 200 cm2424,-2791,-2671,-3079,-
140 x 200 cm2477,-2860,-2730,-3156,-
160 x 200 cm2643,-3027,-2902,-3329,-
180 x 200 cm2712,-3125,-2980,-3438,-
200 x 200 cm2778,-3202,-3052,-3524,-


surcharge for excess length 210 / 220 cm: plus 295-

special color shading according to sample: plus 15 %

aluminum section painted als lacquer sample card: no surcharge

Higher headboard +10%

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