Dito bed

Filigree pedestal for matresses with japanese touch

bed in Japan style



Puristic platform for flat mattresses and futons.
Choice of wood: beech, heart beech, birch, Swiss stone pine, maple, ash, alder, cherry, walnut and oak.
Surface oiled and waxed or painted for an extra charge in black and white, alternatively colored stained and clear lacquered.

Height: 28 cm


Prices (Euro) at  200 cm length
Types of wood /
Beech, Birch,
beech heartwood
Maple, Alder,
Swiss stone pine, OakCherry,
95 cm1360176819042244
130 cm1486193120802451
144 cm1612209522562659
165 cm1738225924332867
186 cm1864243226093075
207 cm1990258727863283
 55 x 39 x 28 cm310403434511


Surcharge special length: plus 130,-
Extra charge laquered or stained: plus 150, –


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