Minimalistisches Bett


manufacturer: Zeitraum Möbel | design: Britta Nehrdich


Solid wood bed in minimalist design, light, soft and curved. With upholstered cushions as a headrest or backrest.
Eclair Petit version looks even more minimalist by eliminating the upholstered cushions.
Both beds have an integrated slatted frame. The slatted frame rests on side support slats 2.5 x 3.5 cm

White oiled ash, oak, wild oak, oak color stain, American cherry, American walnut, European walnut.

Upholstered headboard:
Cushions are made of firm foam with a solid wood core for stabilization. The covers are removable.

The natural surface is oiled and waxed
For the colored finish, oak is stained and then matt lacquered.

Length: 224 cm / Eclair Petit: 204.5 cm
Height bed frame: 25 / 30 cm
Height upholstered cushions: 65 cm
Width: mattress width plus 5.4 cm

Insertion depth for mattresses: 4 cm


Prices bed Eclair  without upholstered cushions
Dimensions / woodsash/oakoak colour staincherryamerican walnuteuropean walnut
100 x 200 cm1666,-1964,-1726,-1964,-2142,-
120 x 200 cm1761,-2083,-1833,-2083,-2273,-
140 x 200 cm1928,-2297,-1999,-2297,-2511,-
160 x 200 cm2023,-2416,-2106,-2416,-2642,-
180 x 200 cm2118,-2535,-2190,-2535,-2761,-
200 x 200 cm2285,-2761,-2368,-2761,-3011,-


Prices upholstered cushions bed Eclair
Dimensions / woodsFabric group IFabric group II
Leather group I
Fabric group III
Leather group II
100 x 200 cm568,-655,-746,-
120 x 200 cm628,-719,-801,-
140 x 200 cm733,-859,-993,-
160 x 200 cm860,-989,-1134,-
180 x 200 cm933,-1060,-1214,-
200 x 200 cm1000,-1134,-1272,-


Prices Eclair Petit
Dimensions / woodsash/oakoak colour staincherryamerican walnuteuropean walnut
100 x 200 cm1547,-1964,-1607,-1845,-2011,-
120 x 200 cm1642,-1964,-1714,-1964,-2142,-
140 x 200 cm1809,-2178,-1880,-2178,-2380,-
160 x 200 cm1904,-2297,-1987,-2297,-2511,-
180 x 200 cm1999,-2416,-2071,-2416,-2642,-
200 x 200 cm2166,-2642,-2249,-2642,-2880,-
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