Ikada tatami bed

Tatami bed

Bett mit Tatami und Futon



Flat bed in podium form, specially designed for inserting Tatami mats.
Wood types: beech, beech heartwood, birch, Swiss stone pine, maple, ash, alder, cherry, walnut, oak.
Surface: oiled and waxed or lacquered for an extra charge. Alternatively colored stained and clear lacquered.
The bed Ikada is also available with headboard.

Bed height: 20 cm
Bed width: nominal dimensions plus 14 cm
Bed length: nominal dimensions plus 14 cm

Inlay depth:  7,5 cm  (slatted frame height 1,7 cm and Tatami height 5,5 cm)


Prices bed frame in Euro (without slatted base and Tatami)
Types of wood /
Bed width
Beech, Birch,
beech heartwood
Maple, Alder,
Swiss stone pine, OakCherry,
120 / 140 cm975126713651608
160 cm1025133214351691
180 cm1075139715051773
200 cm1125146215751856
210 cm with two
central braces


Surcharge for special length: plus 130,-
Surcharge for lacquered or stained surface: plus 150,-


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