Tojo System bed

can be set up or dismantled without any tools in only a few minutes

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Bed Tojo System can easily be stored with a minimum use of space, in any corner, in the closet, or under the bed. It is as young and flexible as you are, simply dismantle it, pack it, and get on the road with it. The materials of the bed are all environmentally friendly, no screws, mountings, varnish or paint – purely natural. No other bed can be transported or stowed as easily as the system bed.

Beech multiplex, untreated

Width: 90 – 200  cm, length: 200 cm, height: 22 cm

* Bed “Tojo System” is not suitable for all mattresses due to the relatively large distance between the slats.


Prices Tojo System (Euro)
System 9090 x 200 cm499 €
System 100100 x 200 cm499 €
System 140140 x 200 cm579 €
System 160160 x 200 cm599 €
System 180180 x 200 cm619 €
System 200200 x 200 cm649 €
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