Kala bed

Solid wood bed, simple and timeless

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schlichtes Massivholzbett

Kala in beech heartwood

Manufacturer: Holzmanufaktur

Execution: solid wood bed made of beech, beech heartwood, maple, wild oak, oak, cherry, wild walnut or walnut.

Outer dimensions: width equal to nominal size plus 6 cm, length equal to nominal size plus 14 cm
Bed height: 39 cm, height at headboard: 84 cm
height of side panels: 19 cm

Finish wood surface: oiled and waxed
special finish: treated with white oil
from 160 cm width the bed is delivered with middle support
insertion depths for slatted frame and mattress: 10, 13, 16 cm

More data and prices can be found in the product sheet. (in german).

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