Swiss stone pine beds: We love solid wood, but Swiss stone pine can be tasted.

A Swiss pine bed surrounds us with a wonderful scent that is really revitalizing.

The Austrian carpenters don’t smell the wood, they talk about tasting it. And the more you get involved, the more you can understand that. And as we by now also taste it, we always have a Swiss stone pine bed in our rooms.

Swiss stone pine beds in Frankfurt are mainly bought by connoisseurs and lovers, because Swiss stone pine is a pine, though a very special one. It cannot compete with cherry or walnut in terms of the beauty of the wood. The values of Swiss stone pine are above all inner values that can only be seen by the initiated eye.

The Swiss stone pine is called the “queen of the Alps”, it grows only in altitudes more than 1500 m and is the most frost resistant tree in the Alps. The aromatics resin and oils of the Swiss stone pine spread a feel-good atmosphere.

AAccording to research by the Research Society Human Research (Institute for Health Technology and Research) in Weiz, the special ingredients of Swiss stone pine reduce the heart rate when sleeping in a Swiss stone pine environment. Swiss stone pine beds thus protect the organism and can contribute to a restful sleep. See our page (in German).

In addition, the Swiss stone pine bed counteracts weather sensitivity, harmonizes the circulation and increases overall well-being.


Swiss pine

Swiss stone pine at the st. anton ski resort



bed Filipo

Bed Filipo in Swiss stone pine

Swiss stone pine beds

In order to appreciate this wonderful tree and to introduce our customers to the healing effects of Swiss stone pine, we offer Swiss stone pine beds made from original Austrian mountain pine. Unfortunately we only have pictures in Swiss stone pine available from a few beds.

You would like to buy a pine bed? If you require further information, we will be happy to advise you. We are at your disposal by telephone, e-mail or for a personal consultation in our bed shop in Frankfurt am Main and look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a small selection of Swiss pine wood beds:

Antheo soft     Filipo    Step-X     Theresa  (for details and prices klick the bed name)

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